Clean My Credit File is a credit repair company who help people fix their credit file by removal of settled or paid court defaults listings and settled or paid court judgements. Our company can also remove Credit Inquires, Clear-Outs & Late Payement listings from your credit file. Our company specialises in removing contestable and or disputable listings from your personal or business credit file in Australia & New Zealand.

Our company specialises in helping people like you who have negative credit listings removed from their credit files.  We utilise both State and Federal laws as well as our in-depth understanding of the credit reporting industry.

We offer a free consultation service to assess anyone to see if you meet our initial criteria. Our company can remove all paid default listings and court judgements from your credit file with our proven legal administrative process. We can remove all listings from VEDA and Dun & Bradstreet reporting agencies - in most cases within 28 days. Our service may take longer depending on type of default and or judgement. ilias Bafas


To assess if you meet our criteria and or for more information about our credit repair service simply complete the on-line form and we will contact you with in 24 hours, or contact our office in Australia between business hours Phone 1300 304 001